Friday, September 21, 2007


I got my Jeep back in May and have been in love with it ever since... blazing trails across Florida! One of my favorite places to "Jeep" around is on the Eglin Air Force Base Reservation, which is open to the public with a permit you get from Jackson Guard. I'm into geocaching and there are tons of them on the reservation. I wanted to hide my own there too.

So, Sunday morning, I opened my reservation map to hunt for places that I haven't been before where I might hide a geocache. I noticed there was a place just a few miles down the road! I was pretty excited to go scout out a new place on the reservation.

Off we went with my wife and two boys. It was great, a nice paved road at the entrance, there was a river running through it, just a great natural area. We drove down a "not-so-traveled" road just off the main dirt road. It was a nice drive until we got to an old culvert pipe. I didn't want to attempt jumping over it, especially with the kids in tow. But, my wife said, "you can make it!" So, I drove over it, and made it ok. Not even 100 feet from there we ended up in a huge sand pit! I've drove through sand pits a million times already, so no big deal right? If I was only paying attention to the road. I was driving too slow and got stuck....big time!

I tried everything to get us out... no good. So I called the Air Force Range Patrol. I had my GPS on so I was able to give him exact coordinates as to our location. Thank goodness, because I don't think I could have given him directions since I was unfamiliar with the area. The range officer was great! He came out, helped us call a 4X4 tow truck. (which they all declined) The officer told me that this road was notorious for swallowing vehicles. The tow truck guys knew that too. So, after about 30 minutes calling every tow truck in the county, we were stuck. The officer offered us a ride back to our house, just down the road. It was up to us to get it out.

We went back that afternoon with a jack and ply wood to try to boost the jeep out of the sand. Our first attempt was no good. By then it was getting pretty dark... we remembered the officer telling us not to stay out too late: very poisonous snakes and the over 400 bears on the reservation were enough warning for us to bolt at sundown.

Monday, I came back to try again only to find out the reservation and base were closed due to test missions they hold. I thought, "great! my Jeep will be blown up when I get back"

Tuesday, baby sick... daddy duty since Holli was out working on the other side of town.

Wednesday! This is it! I can do it! um.... no. I tried all day long. I even got the Jeep to move... 20 feet... still in the sand pit! I was beat down, physically and mentally. I was ready just to leave it there to become part of the forest. When I went to work that night to catch up, I checked my voicemail... A nice fellow on there offered to pull me out of the sand... he had a big truck with two winches he said on the message!

I thought this was great! One of my listeners is going to help me out! How cool is that! Yesterday, he came out there. The truck was huge! I walked up to the truck and said jokingly, I don't think your truck is quite big enough! Ha! It was more than enough truck to get me out. My Jeep looked like a matchbox car next to this monster truck. He didn't even need the winch. Just a tow strap and off I went, the Jeep rolled like it was on a concrete paved road.

I was so relieved! There was a tropical storm coming and I knew it was the last day or my Jeep would become a permanent part of the swamp. Thanks again Chad! I'm in your debt bro! Can I keep your number for next time?

I learned a wonderful lesson that day... never listen to your wife! Haha!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Radio Station Sponge

Sure, we have a station mascot, The Wolf... but did you know long before we had the wolf, we had (and still have) the radio station sponge. This blue sponge has been an employee of the station since 1993 and has cleaned a many a dish over the years. Cleaning everything from plates to the tupperware left unclaimed for years by some guy in the sales department.

It's been a tough go for the sponge in years past: contracting salmonella twice in 1997, typhoid fever in 2000, and several severe bacterial infections. It married scrub brush (pictured) in 2001 and have been living in the sink ever since.

Here's to you our stinky little sponge. May you always be spongy

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pop goes the VMA's

**I had to edit this due to the video being moved off of youtube. I have links now to where you can find video of the VMA's I talked about today!

My musical tastes vary greatly from Country, of course, to Sinatra and I have a big interest in pop music as well. So, I caught the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

I love a comebacks, so I was really looking forward to the Britney Spears performance. Time to show folks that you still got it! Unfortunately, Britney did not have it last night. It was a lousy, lip-synced, display of sloppy dancing.... and was she on something? She almost hit the floor a few times. Britney still looks great though!
Click here to see video of Britney Performance

And straight outta tha trailer.... Kid Rock and Tommy Lee went to fisticuffs over Pamela Lee. Apparently, she's back with Tommy Lee and he was talking trash to Kid Rock. The tape was rolling of course.

The best part of the VMA's were the hotel suite performances from Kanye West! He brought the party to the TV. Just amazing!

I'm going to join Justin Timberlake's campaign to get music channels like MTV and CMT to play... more videos. I think it's funny to hold a video awards show when 90% of your programming is reality shows!

Overall the VMA's were a great escape, but I think I had a couple of seizures from watching that video wall behind the award presenters. Blinkity, blink, blink blink... all night! Ahhh! I'm still loopy over it. ... and I still don't know who won what!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hot dog, what a contest!

What happens when you combine hot dog wieners, duct tape and toothpicks? One great contest! 1055 The Wolf along with the Okaloosa Regional Airport presented one lucky winner today with round trip tickets to Chicago! Congratulations to Greer Harvell who stacked her materials over 27 inches high to take home the prize.

Check out the video from today's festivities...
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