Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Buzz (Cut) Is Fading

Me in 1994
Male pattern baldness is a cruel joke given to us by our parents. There is no cure for it, and there is no way to naturally  change it.  I used to have a TON of thick, curly hair, but at 18, and it seemed like it all fell out at once.  It didn't really bother my too much since I wore a ball cap everywhere; not to cover it up, but because working in radio really doesn't have a dress code and it was comfortable.

As I got older, it was time to grow up and lose the hat, and I had figure out what to do with my (lack of) hair.  I buzzed my head with clippers with the '#1' guard on it.  Hey! It was a big step for me!  That was 2007.  My hair continues to thin out and I'm at another cross roads: Is it time to just shave it all with a razor?  

Good Grief!
A couple of 'bald brothers' at work do it, and it looks good on them... but I'm hesitant to do it....and not because I'm holding on to what's left... well, that's a small piece of it, but mostly it's because I have this odd-shaped, Charlie Brown-sized head.   It's big!  What is my big ol' noggin gonna look like without any hair on it?  So I started Google-ing how to shave my head, and came across a few videos that wouldn't work, but I was happy to find a some cool products for those follically challenged.

Maybe I will shave it all, maybe not... but if I do go all the way, I want to change my name to Kojak!

Who Loves Ya Baby?

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