Bucket List

This is my bucket list that I will continue to add as inspiration happens.  Hopefully scratch them off one by one.  These are not in any kind of order.  What's on your list?

To do...
Live and work in radio in another country
Volunteer in a third world country
Hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu
Go skydiving
Be a well known resource for radio broadcasting
Do that one great thing/idea that changes the radio industry for better.
Write a book
See a Cubs game in Chicago
Live on a sailboat and travel the Caribbean
Learn a new language and speak it fluently
Learn to cook a great meal other than Hamburger Helper
Take the train across Europe
Learn the guitar and play/sing in a band
Go scuba diving
Travel with nothing but a backpack around the world for a year or more.
Own a ranch in the hill country of Texas
Run with the bulls in Spain
Shave my head - Completed November 2011 - http://pic.twitter.com/EGv1wyAu
Motorcycle Route 66
Have a TV show

Places to see:
Galapagos Islands
Bora Bora

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